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Vivaio Toscana
About Us

Something about us

For over 50 years, our company has been the Tuscan wholesale nursery that serves as a reference point for the sale of beautiful fruit plants, olive trees and ornamental outdoor plants

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Years of Experience

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Fruit varieties

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Varieties of Olive trees

Why us?

Because we make it with passion in every single petal

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vivaio toscana
vivai piante pistoia
vivaio toscana
olivi pescia
piante pistoia vivai
How Do We Work?

Our Method


Our QRCODE service allows the end customer to get all the necessary information to Plant, Maintain and Care for all its Fruit!


We offer our decades of experience to guarantee you unquestionable quality.


We integrate in the production phase the use of organic and natural products, to impact as little as possible on the ground and consequently on the planet.

Our Collection

what we produce

olivo pescia

Olive trees

The olive tree is one of the oldest plants of cultivation, helps us to maintain the traditions and values, anchored to our land.

vendita gelsomino


Ornamental Plants embellish and decorate our environments, with their colors and their naturalness.

vendita piante da frutto


Our flagship:

Over 100 varieties of fruits from the best Italian cultivars and not.

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vendita frutti esotici

Exotic Fruits

To get Exotic Flavors you don’t have to go to the Maldives. We have everything for you.



Minor fruits, but not that minor...
In fact, they are big in sweetness...
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You can also find us...

We participate in the most important national fairs, such as Flormart.

The most innovative, such as the Cosmogarden in Brescia, but also in Paysalia (Lyon), one of the main European level.

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