About Us

Our Story

Ours nursery is a company located in the heart of Tuscany, in Pescia (Pistoia).

What has characterized us for over 50 years is, in addition to the experience, the passion we put into our work to ensure our customers plants of the highest quality.

The founders, Leonardo and his wife Marisa, started the project in the early ’60s, producing cut flowers offered until the ’90s, highlighting its creation thanks to awards and awards received, such as the First Prize “Ennio Andreucci” at the Biennale del Fiore in 1974, awarded for the enhancement of the varieties of Mediterranean carnations , and for the creation of the variety Camayo.

With the sons Gianluca and Massimo, our company has then transformed into a wholesale nursery with a constantly evolving character, attentive to innovation, such as the market that characterizes the sector, shifting production towards olive trees and ornamental plants for outdoor use.

We are not only care and tradition, but also and above all innovation. For three generations, we have also combined our plants, trees and roses with useful services for the final consumer.

For over 10 years now, we have included as many organic products in the production process as possible, to try to impact the environment as little as possible and return healthy and resistant plants to our buyers.

Since 2020, Ammazzini Piante has included a QRCODE in the plant label, through which the final consumer can finally have access to all the information he is looking for: from planting to pruning each plant.nn


In our nursery you can find a wide assortment of fruits and plants, maintained and cared for with the utmost attention.


We offer our decades of experience to guarantee you unquestionable quality.


We integrate in the production phase the use of organic and natural products, to impact as little as possible on the ground and consequently on the planet.

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